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Yo! šŸ‘‹

Yep, I’m using a theme that looks exactly like GitHub’s! I stumbled upon it while browsing Hugo themes. I figured since I spend a lot of time browsing GitHub, I’d use it! I had to make quite a few modifications to the original theme so that it would be more academic oriented. Even reached out to GitHub folks early January (2021) to get the ok (never heard back though >.>), so here we are! Now with that out the way…

Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I’m Robert Petit (puh-teet, not pet-it), and I currently work as a bioinformatician with the Wyoming Public Health Laboratory. My work involves building up the bioinfomatic capacity for WPHL and facilitating bioinformatic training. In my personal time I am continuing to develop Bactopia, a bacterial genome analysis pipeline.


  1. We created Bactopia, built using Nextflow workflow software, to provide efficient comparative genomic analyses for bacterial species or genera. Analysis of 1,664 public Lactobacillus genomes was conducted to demonstrate the usage of Bactopia.

    bactopia resistance nextflow lactobacillus

  2. We present Staphopia, an analysis pipeline, database and application programming interface, focused on Staphylococcus aureus, a common colonizer of humans and a major antibiotic-resistant pathogen responsible for a wide spectrum of hospital and community-associated infections

    resistance nextflow staphylococcus staphopia

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